How are industrial roller shutters controlled?

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Bespoke industrial roller doors are suitable for a wide range of applications, but they will all have unique features that make them specialised for the specific requirements of each premises. Different environments will make different industrial door systems more appropriate – each with their own tailored opening controls.

Industrial roller doors can be operated with automatic, electric, or manual controls. The controls you need will depend on the type of door, the size and weight of the door, and the needs of your premises.

Manual industrial roller doors

Manual options include push up, chain haul doors, spring-assisted opening, and rod crank mechanisms. This cost-effective option is a popular choice for smaller or lighter-use roller doors – including commercial, continental, and fire-resistant shutters. These control mechanisms are ideal wherever you only have to open and close the shutters once a day, or less frequently.

Electrical industrial roller doors

Depending on the size of your door, remote controlled motorised doors may be a better option. The size of your motor will depend on the weight of your industrial roller door. Electrical operation is managed via a single phase 240v or three phase 415v motor, with a larger motor used for larger and heavier doors.

  • Continental shutters are suitable up to dimensions of 3 metres wide and 4 metres tall, powered by a single phase 240v motor and controlled using paddle switches or remote controls.
  • Commercial roller shutters can be powered by a 240v motor and remote controlled, suitable for dimensions from 1m² up to 11m².
  • Fire resisting roller shutters are available for dimensions up to 50m² (12m on the longest side) and insulated shutters available up to 6m² – both of which can be remote controlled and powered by either a single phase 240v motor or three-phase 415v motor, depending on the size of the door.
  • Safe drive roller shutters can be remote controlled with a 415v phase safe drive GFA motor for dimensions up to 11m².

Automatic industrial roller doors

Motorised options with automatic opening controls are an extremely convenient option and, depending on what sort of industrial roller door you require, automatic operating systems may be available.

Insulated and safe-drive industrial roller shutters can be made automatic using induction loop or photocell sensors – the premises will need to meet certain safety requirements for fully automatic operation.

Fire safety shutters will be designed with automatic opening and closing systems that synchronise with the specific emergency fire suppression and evacuation plan of your premises.

Hydraulic and pneumatic industrial roller doors

Depending on your needs, different opening controls will be more suitable. For heavy usage in extreme environments, our motor controlled hydraulic or pneumatic roller shutters are ideal. As an alternative to electric motors, these DSEAR-tested doors use pressurised oil or air and are controlled with dead man failsafe operation to ensure safety. Both of these options are suitable for ATEX environments.

About our industrial roller shutter doors

We have over 25 years’ experience as a specialist manufacturer of industrial roller doors for just about any setting. We build all our industrial shutters to meet any specification – regardless of your opening control preferences – and we can offer rapid repairs at any time, on any day of the year.

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