Retail shopping centre

Why do you need internal shop shutters?

Peace of mind is priceless and there’s nothing worse than arriving at work to find all your valuables have been pinched! Internal shop shutters, such as our continental rollers shutters, give excellent protection against theft and vandalism in a more discreet way, providing the perfect compromise between style and security. These shutter doors neatly roll […]

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Teal high security doors

Choosing External Steel Doors for Security and Safety

There’s more to doors than you think! When it comes to safety and security, particularly on busy commercial or industrial sites, the right door can make a big difference. In this blog, we’re looking at some of the things you need to be mindful of when choosing external steel doors for your site. Safety features […]

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Fire exit

Roller Shutters with Personnel Access

Roller shutters are the perfect access option for a huge range of commercial and industrial units – they’re sturdy, safe, secure, and can offer excellent insulation for even the draughtiest of buildings. But they’re not always the most convenient option for people coming and going every day, particularly if the shutter needs to stay closed […]

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24 hours repair service

Garage Doors for Businesses

Whether you need a secure garage door for your business, or have an old garage building on your business premises that you are looking to convert, you have a lot of options when choosing a door. You don’t need to be stuck with the classic “up and over” garage door that you’ll typically find on […]

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red roller shutter

Choosing Workshop Doors

Finding the right door for a busy workshop can be tricky. There are many different types of industrial door that may seem more-or-less suitable, but also may fall short of being the perfect fit. It’s often best to find a reliable bespoke door manufacturer who can tailor a door for your workshop to your exact […]

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Over 25 years delivering quality and service.

25 Years of Bespoke Industrial Door Manufacturing at NGF

Doesn’t time fly? As of 2020, NGF Industrial Doors have been in business for 25 years – and we’re proud to say we’re still going strong, even through what has already been an incredibly strange year! We’ve been celebrating our birthday in the midst of the Covid-19 lockdown – working from home where we can, […]

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Selecting a steel door for coastal or maritime applications

Water damage is one of the biggest risks to metal components. Corrosion and rust often takes time to build up, but once it does, the damage can be irreversible. While metal doors in most areas of the UK can keep corrosion at bay thanks to finishes that protect against adverse weather, the most they usually […]

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Fire from a match

Workplace fire safety for industrial properties

If you’re a business owner, commercial landlord or employer, you’re responsible for the health and safety of the people who work in it – or who visit – and this includes fire safety.

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Three silver roller shutters half open on a blue mobile unit.

Dealing with a roller shutter breakdown – or break-in

Roller shutters are highly durable, hard-wearing doors that are serve as an incredibly effective barrier against theft, and often stay in operation for many, many years with minimal upkeep But we can’t pretend that they’ll never break down, or that even the most secure shutter is 100% intruder-proof if someone is determined enough.

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Part open white security grills over a window

Protecting against school vandalism through the summer

When school’s out, spirits are high – and premises are largely empty. Schools are at risk of vandalism, and the sheer size of many campuses, with multiple entrances and exits both to the site and the building, can mean it is difficult to effectively combat. Here are a few tips for keeping school sites secure.

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overhead roller shutter

Roller Shutter Applications

Although the traditional use of a roller shutter is usually in an industrial environment, they are widely used across a range of sectors and locations, and with good reason – they’re secure and efficient almost anywhere they’re used.

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Four hi-speed industrial roll up doors with yellow coating finish in-situ at a warehouse

The benefits of installing a loading dock

Loading docks allow delivery vehicles to back up straight to a warehouse door, allowing goods to be loaded or unloaded directly from the vehicle with a minimum of fuss.

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A partly open roller shutter

Roller Shutter Safety

When choosing your roller shutter doors, regardless of the environment you need them for, safety is paramount. There’s a whole host of news reports of accidents involving roller shutter doors, causing death or injuries from crushing or lifting people in industrial, commercial and residential incidents.

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RAL colour swatches

Find the Right Finish for Your Premises with RAL Colours

If you’re looking for a door to match your brand, the building, or existing doors, we have a huge range of RAL colours to choose from.

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blue shutter

Avoiding Roller Shutter Wear and Tear with a Maintenance Plan

Security shutters and doors are built to last – to weather the elements, and to resist attempts at a break-in. It’s the whole point of having one, after all! However, even the strongest, sturdiest roller shutter will begin to experience wear and tear after years of constant use.

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roller shutter close up

Saving Energy and Reducing Your Carbon Footprint with Roller Shutter Doors

Security is usually the main benefit highlighted as a reason for using roller shutters at a commercial or industrial property and, while it is a fairly large one, it’s far from the only one!

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Supermarket security

Protecting Commercial Properties from Burglaries

While statistics are generally showing crime rates in decline, it’s not true that all kinds of crime are going down. The most recent statistics show that theft – particularly vehicle theft, burglary and robbery – is on the rise in the short term, despite a broader decrease over the last 20 years.

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Retail shopping centre

Security Needs in Public Spaces

Public spaces – whether it’s a shop, a school, an office or a train station – all have a wide variety of security needs that can differ greatly from private premises.

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Keys hanging in a door

Can Security Doors and Grates Reduce Your Insurance Rates?

There are many factors that determine your insurance rates, whether you’re looking at home or commercial property insurance quotes.

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Cloudy sky

How to Choose an Industrial Door That Can Withstand the Weather

UK weather is becoming more extreme. From the blizzards of the Beast from the East in March, to the hottest London Marathon on record in April, temperatures in the south of England went from -3.7°C to 24.1°C in just a few weeks. A good industrial door can cope with these changes in temperature and being […]

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