Selecting a steel door for coastal or maritime applications

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Selecting a steel door for coastal or maritime applications

Water damage is one of the biggest risks to metal components. Corrosion and rust often takes time to build up, but once it does, the damage can be irreversible. While metal doors in most areas of the UK can keep corrosion at bay thanks to finishes that protect against adverse weather, the most they usually […]

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Fire from a match

Workplace fire safety for industrial properties

If you’re a business owner, commercial landlord or employer, you’re responsible for the health and safety of the people who work in it – or who visit – and this includes fire safety.

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Four hi-speed industrial roll up doors with yellow coating finish in-situ at a warehouse

The benefits of installing a loading dock

Loading docks allow delivery vehicles to back up straight to a warehouse door, allowing goods to be loaded or unloaded directly from the vehicle with a minimum of fuss.

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RAL colour swatches

Find the Right Finish for Your Premises with RAL Colours

If you’re looking for a door to match your brand, the building, or existing doors, we have a huge range of RAL colours to choose from.

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Cloudy sky

How to Choose an Industrial Door That Can Withstand the Weather

UK weather is becoming more extreme. From the blizzards of the Beast from the East in March, to the hottest London Marathon on record in April, temperatures in the south of England went from -3.7°C to 24.1°C in just a few weeks. A good industrial door can cope with these changes in temperature and being […]

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Roller shutters closeup

What’s the Difference Between Hydraulic and Pneumatic Doors?

Hydraulic and pneumatic doors are two different, but similar, types of powered roller shutter. Both use pressurised systems to handle big, heavy shutters that are too large to open manually, or would require a large motor.

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Choosing the Right Door for a Warehouse

The best type of industrial door for a warehouse depends on a number of different factors, including what’s being stored inside, and how people will be gaining access during a typical working day.

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Fire exit

What Are Your Fire Safety Responsibilities in a Workplace?

With thousands of cases of fires in workplaces across the UK every year, fire safety should be a major consideration of every employer or property manager – and not just because it’s a legal requirement. More than just a box to tick, fire safety protects your premises, your stock and – above all – your […]

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Closeup of roller shutter doors

How to Choose the Right Doors For Your Property

We walk through them so many times a day that we don’t even think about it, but there are so many different types of door available, each with unique characteristics that make them more suitable for their job – and less suitable for others.

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