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Finding the right door solution for your needs

At NGF, we specialise in industrial doors – but our range of roller shutters and steel doors, designed and manufactured bespoke to our customers’ needs, have their uses in a wide range of sectors.

After all, it is not just industrial sites that need a door or shutter that provides security, safety and efficiency for access and egress in a busy environment.

Finding the door that matches your needs will depend on the environment – levels of traffic, whether it is open to the public, and the type of work being carried out at the site. We provide bespoke options for a range of applications, ensuring that all of our customers find the right solution.


  • High Security
    Teal high security doors

    Any site can benefit from added security to keep out unwanted access, regardless of the location. Whether it’s keeping the public away from sensitive areas, securing stock, protecting server rooms, or restricting access across the entirety of a high security site, there is much to consider. We provide a range of high security features across our roller shutter and heavy-duty steel door range, with multiple locking systems.

    High Security Doors
  • Agricultural Doors
    agricultural doors

    Stables, barns, grain stores, dairies, tractor and machinery sheds, remote lockups – many agricultural buildings have their own unique needs, whether it’s allowing safe access for both vehicles and pedestrians, maintaining a consistent internal temperature, withstanding the elements, or just providing a high level of security. Talk to us to discuss your requirements, and we’ll work with you to develop a bespoke solution.

    Agricultural Doors
  • Commercial Doors
    Steel Doors

    Doors designed for commercial environments, where high levels of foot traffic and access by the public are common, have their own requirements. Safety, security and durability are chief among these, but equally important can be the aesthetics of a door or shutter that is visible to the wider world. With a range of features and finishes, get in touch to find exactly what you need for your commercial premises.

    Commercial Doors
  • Retail Doors
    Commercial Roller Shutters

    NGF have retail doors and shutter solutions for shop fronts, internal and external access points and warehouses. We know that different retail businesses have different security, weather resistance, fire safety and aesthetic needs, which is why our engineers are here to provide you with advice on the best industrial door for you.

    Retail Doors
  • Industrial Doors
    Doors manufactured to size

    We specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing doors for a diverse range of industrial locations and uses. A wide range of powered and manual mechanisms, opening motions and speeds, soundproofing and insulation, and safety and security features mean we can provide a completely bespoke solution for factories, warehouses, garages, site offices and a whole host of industrial uses. Contact us today to discuss your spec.

    Industrial Doors

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