Upgrading from Manual to Electric Warehouse Doors

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If you’re considering upgrading your manual warehouse doors to a modern electric alternative, there’s a lot to consider. By thinking about what you’d like to gain from your upgrade, you can then find the right industrial electric door specialists so they can provide a tailored solution for you.

From improving ease of access for everyone using the warehouse, reducing energy costs, and improving the aesthetic of your premises – there are a range of benefits to be gained by upgrading to electric doors.

How upgrading to electric doors can benefit your business

There’s a variety of advantages to an industrial electrical door upgrade – you can save money by minimising heat loss, save time due to quick and easy opening, and reduce risk of injury, just to name a few!

Warehouses can be busy places where doors open and close throughout the day. This makes electric or automatic door opening systems a popular choice for warehouses where electric doors can dramatically speed up daily operations. When time is precious – high-speed warehouse doors with initiative motion sensors make day-to-day processes far more convenient for warehouse users.

Industrial electrical doors are safer and more economical

Automatic door systems are also great for saving energy. As the cost of heating continues to rise, an investment in insulated industrial electrical doors is an economical and environmental choice. It can be tempting to leave your manual doors open to save time, but this can lead to the loss of valuable heat. Upgrading to electric doors that open and close on their own will eliminate this issue.

Similarly, electrical doors will ensure that a safe height for exit and entry is achieved at the touch of a button (or at the trigger of a motion sensor with automatic door systems). This means the chance of impact damage is reduced in comparison to manually operated industrial doors. For the same reasons, these doors are far more accessible for warehouse users of all abilities.

Industrial electric roller doors from NGF

At NGF we’ve been manufacturing industrial doors, including commercial warehouse doors, for over a quarter of a century. We specialise in bespoke solutions and helping our customers enhance their premises with modern, reliable industrial electric roller doors.

We make doors for a variety of challenging and unusual applications and our engineers are experts in upgrading manual to electric doors– ensuring these doors suit your specific needs, requirements, and budget. All our automatic door entry systems are designed and manufactured at our headquarters in Yorkshire, and we install these systems nationwide.

Our manual to electric door upgrades

We can replace a range of doors – take a look at a recent project where we replaced wooden warehouse doors with insulated industrial electric roller doors to improve the safety, security, and insulation of the warehouse with a durable, practical solution.

If you’re interested in upgrading your manual doors to industrial electric roller doors or want to learn more about how we can create a bespoke solution for your warehouse – please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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