How high security industrial doors & shutters safeguard property

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When tailor made for your needs, shutters and doors can really enhance the security of your premises. Some premises will be at higher risk of intrusion so, whether you keep machinery, equipment, technology, or any other high-value assets at your premises, you will want to install suitable, high-quality security systems to safeguard your property – this includes high security industrial doors and shutters.

Protect your perimeter with security doors and shutters

When safeguarding your property, doors and shutters – such as security shutters for windows, high security internal doors, and heavy-duty steel security doors – are the place to start. Your shutters and doors provide the first line of defence against intrusion. This applies to external doors as well as any high security internal doors within the premises to improve security for specific parts of the building that are at higher risk.

You can install the latest CCTV systems and alarms, but they’ll only be there to alert you when a crime is taking place. Your security doors and shutters do the important job of preventing criminal activity before it occurs. High security industrial doors are specifically designed to stop potential criminals in their tracks.

Deter potential criminals before they attempt entry

As the first things a potential criminal will see, a well-built shutter or heavy-duty steel security door will act as an effective deterrent to forced entry by making unwanted access extremely difficult. You will of course still need to monitor any points of vulnerability in the rest of your building to avoid intrusion, such as your roof and walls, but doors and shutters play a fundamental role in building security.

Your security doors should be robust enough to fully prevent access – either as a deterrent or an impenetrable physical barrier – but, if thieves are determined to attempt entry, heavy duty security doors and security shutters for windows will drastically delay them. This can offer valuable time for emergency services to arrive, arrest the criminals, and ultimately prevent the theft of your valuable assets.

Reduce your insurance premiums and save money

Investing in quality craftmanship can also help to reduce your insurance premiums. This could include installing high security internal doors to protect specific rooms, adding security shutters for windows where high-value assets can be easily seen, or replacing old external doors with heavy-duty steel security doors.

By improving your perimeter security and internal security measures, you reduce the risk of criminal activity. This is the sort of risk that insurers evaluate when calculating your premium, so by reducing your risk, you can save yourself money.

Improve security without compromising on aesthetic

People often assume that heavy duty security doors will be unsightly and are worried about finding a security solution that offers the appropriate level of protection without spoiling the appearance of their premises. Fortunately, bespoke high security industrial doors can be designed to be unobtrusive – allowing them to blend seamlessly into your décor.

All you need to do is find a high security industrial door manufacturer to deliver a tailor-made solution that fits your budget. They’ll be able to build and install something bespoke, considering colours and finishes that suit your premises perfectly.

Find the right high security industrial door manufacturer

At NGF, we’ve been designing and installing heavy-duty security doors, shutters, and much more for nearly thirty years. As trusted security door manufacturers, we create practical security solutions, specifically fabricated to suit your needs.

We install heavy-duty steel security doors with a range of options, suitable for a variety of applications. This includes high security internal doors made from quality steel to safeguard more vulnerable areas of your premises where higher-value assets may be stored. We also offer collapsible security gates and bespoke grilles and security shutters for windows to protect valuable items easily visible from outside.

Please reach out to contact us if you’d like to learn more about what we have to offer. Enhanced high security industrial doors and roller shutters are a specialism of ours. We want to create a security solution designed for you, that keeps you safe – and nobody goes further than us in ensuring quality results.

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