How can insulated shutter doors reduce your noise pollution?

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Insulated industrial shutter doors are extremely versatile and have a variety of benefits. Their insulation and weather seal helps to maintain a consistent internal temperature – perfect for cold winters and hot summers – but this is not the only benefit insulation can bring…

One of the most notable benefits of industrial and commercial roller shutter doors is that they can reduce noise pollution for your premises. Sound waves reaching the doors will be absorbed by the foam insulation within the door. This means that any noise from within the premises will be kept inside and any external noise will be kept out.

So, not only will insulated industrial doors provide excellent security and reduce heat loss, but their skin steel outer laths and foam filled inner layer also offer an effective noise-cancelling barrier. So, if you manage a noisy industrial warehouse and want to effectively isolate the sound of machinery, industrial shutter doors can be installed to stop the noise reaching your neighbours.

Industrial shutter doors perfectly suited to tackle your noise needs

This noise-cancelling feature is particularly beneficial if you have multiple buildings on site and want to create a focused work environment adjacent to a noisy workspace. Similarly, if your space is located on a busy site and you want to create a quieter environment – industrial and commercial roller doors can be used to dramatically reduce external noise getting in. This makes the noise reduction feature of insulated industrial shutter doors a benefit for both your employees and your neighbours!

One of the amazing things about insulated industrial doors is that they can be designed to suit a wide range of environments – from retail to agricultural to high security premises. Each shutter door will be made to suit your specific requirements in order to ensure effective insulation and perfect fit. This means that you can tailor your door to suit your needs. Everything from the colour finish to the operation controls can be designed bespoke.

Industrial door manufacturers providing noise pollution reducing roller shutters

NGF are quality industrial door manufacturers with over 25 years of experience installing everything from industrial garage doors to insulated roller shutters. All our doors are expertly crafted to meet each of our client’s specific needs.

Our insulated industrial shutter doors have an insulation rating of 3.3W/M.sq.k – making them incredible for both noise reduction and energy efficiency. They offer a 22db reduction in noise when fully closed. We select only the highest quality materials to ensure our doors last as long as possible, even with frequent use in busy environments.

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