Why do you need internal shop shutters?

Blue Swoosh Reversed

Peace of mind is priceless and there’s nothing worse than arriving at work to find all your valuables have been pinched!

Internal shop shutters, such as our continental rollers shutters, give excellent protection against theft and vandalism in a more discreet way, providing the perfect compromise between style and security.

These shutter doors neatly roll away while you work so they’re a great option compared to bulkier shop front shutters designed for external use when saving space is a consideration.

Internal roller shutters provide extra workplace security

Adding an extra barrier if intruders do indeed get past your external doors can help to deter unwanted visitors from certain areas.

Internal shutters are a great solution for internal security in shops, offices, schools or medium security businesses, protecting sensitive areas such as server rooms or cash offices.

A wider range of commercial and residential uses

Internal shutters work well in domestic residences because they’re a lot more subtle than their bulkier, more heavy-duty counterparts without compromising on security.

Whether you want to secure a garage in a home, or a bike store in a block of flats, roller shutters make a resilient barrier. As they’re available from 80cm, they’re a great option for storage cupboards too.

In multi-occupancy offices or retail units, an internal shutter adds that extra layer of security in an environment where you can’t always control who’s coming and going.

Installing internal roller shutters may even help reduce your insurance premium.

Our internal shutters are made to fit any door size, available in any colour to suit your décor, and with options for both manual and electric controls. On top of that, they’re really easy to use. A no brainer really!

We’ve been around for 25 years here at NGF and we know a thing or two about industrial doors – and providing an excellent service to suit your business needs. Please feel free to contact us to speak directly to our expert engineers for a quote or any more information.

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