Roller Shutter Safety

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When choosing your roller shutter doors, regardless of the environment you need them for, safety is paramount. There’s a whole host of news reports of accidents involving roller shutter doors, causing death or injuries from crushing or lifting people in industrial, commercial and residential incidents.

We have a commitment to health and safety, and work hard to include safety features on our doors to minimise accidents. However, there are still steps you can take to reduce the risk even further.

Choosing the right door for each application

Consider the environment your door will be in. We’ll work with you on this, but our roller shutter doors range comes with electric and manual controls. If it’s electrical, it needs to be manufactured in accordance with BS EN 12453:200 – a European standard for electrically powered doors.

Our commercial and safe drive roller shutters have a built-in safety brake as standard, and they include a manual override as well.

Pneumatic roller shutters use a compressed air system when electrics aren’t appropriate for the environment. They have a low risk of fire, and have a hold to run operation to ensure safety – this is where the shutter operation will stop if the user becomes incapacitated.

Our fire-resisting roller shutter offers fire resistance from one to four hours, can work with your fire alarm for automatic closing and we can add safety breaks if it’s fitted over a pedestrian walkway. We also offer battery back-ups in case of power failure.


As we manufacture all of our doors here and install them ourselves, we’ll have accommodated any unique needs your business has, and you can be confident that we know what we’re talking about when we show you how to use them.

When we fit your doors, we’ll offer full training on how to use them, any safety features they have and answer any questions. Ensure that this training is passed on to your team and any new starters so that every user is aware of how to use the door correctly.

Door maintenance

Finally, make sure that you get your doors serviced. Our doors are built to last, but wear and tear is a natural process which can eventually affect the function, and therefore the safety, of the door. You can read more about your health and safety responsibilities with regards to maintenance on the DHF website.

As our doors are made bespoke, if you have any specific health and safety requirements, please give our engineers a call – we’ll have a solution that ticks every H&S box.

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