Dealing with a roller shutter breakdown – or break-in

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Roller shutters are highly durable, hard-wearing doors that are serve as an incredibly effective barrier against theft, and often stay in operation for many, many years with minimal upkeep

But we can’t pretend that they’ll never break down, or that even the most secure shutter is 100% intruder-proof if someone is determined enough.

Here we’re looking at what to do if the worst does happen – if you experience a roller shutter break-in or breakdown.

Stay calm, stay safe

Break-ins can be a traumatic experience – getting to site in the morning and finding that there’s been an intruder makes us feel unsafe and stressed even before we start dealing with what’s been taken. A breakdown, too, causes unnecessary stress during a working day – staff often have to down tools until the problem is sorted.

It’s often easier said than done, but try to stay calm – and above all, stay safe. If you think an intruder may be inside, don’t enter – just call the police. When you do enter the unit, watch out for any damage that may be a hazard.

In the event of a breakdown, make sure you shut off the power to avoid any risk injury. But beyond this, it’s essential that you don’t try to fix it yourself – even if it looks relatively simple.

Call a professional

Roller shutter doors are big, and they’re heavy. While many still open and close manually, they contain complex electronic mechanisms. Hydraulic and pneumatic motor systems provide even more complications!

Essentially, they’re highly specialised pieces of equipment, so be sure to call a specialist to fix them. You’ll find plenty of roller shutter repair services if you search online – NGF, for example, offer a 24-hour service 365 days a year, and will be on site within 24 hours of your first call.

Break-in? Know who to talk to

We’ve already mentioned calling the police if you’re worried about an intruder, but it should go without saying that this should be done in the event of any break-in, as well as your insurance company when you’re ready.

Take inventory

Following a break-in, it’s essential to get a sense of the full scale of the damage. Take inventory of the unit so you can be sure of what’s been taken – this will be important for your insurance company.

Protect against a breakdown with regular maintenance

Roller shutter breakdowns tend to happen from extensive wear and tear – they can be in use all day, every day, and eventually even the sturdiest roller shutter will need some care and attention.

The best way to avoid a stressful, costly breakdown is with regular servicing. A roller shutter maintenance plan will cover regular inspections from a qualified engineer, and they’ll carry out small repairs and upkeep as they go along.

Being proactive keeps breakdowns at bay, and can prolong the life of your roller shutter. To learn more, just talk to us!

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