Roller Shutter Installation

Blue Swoosh Reversed

Roller shutters are a practical solution in a wide range of applications – they are safe, secure, highly efficient, and open without swinging outwards, meaning you can park vehicles right up against them and still open and close them.

At NGF, our roller shutter doors are custom built to our clients’ exact specifications, and a client in Merseyside had a number of needs that we were able to address.

Insulated roller shutters

Firstly, the client requested insulated roller shutters. Doors and windows are the primary areas where heat is likely to be lost in a unit, so an insulated shutter can go a long way to maintaining a consistent temperature, whether that is for the protection of the goods inside, or the comfort of the staff working in the unit. Insulation also reduces noise pollution to the outside world.

Galvanised finish

A galvanised steel finish means that, not only are the shutters lovely and shiny, they’re also protected by a coating that will greatly reduce the risk of flux, rust, stains and damage, ensuring the doors are in use for a long time, all while retaining that shine.

Electric operation

The shutters are operated via push buttons on both sides, meaning they can be easily opened and closed with minimal effort.

Our team designed and manufactured these doors to the client’s specs, and then came out to site to install them – all part of the service from NGF.

If you require new roller shutters for your site, then we’ll be happy to help – no matter how specific or specialised your needs may be, we’ll do everything we can to deliver a door that’s perfectly tailored for you. Just contact us today to talk to one of our engineers, and we’ll get the whole process started!

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