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Creating A New Loading Bay

Loading bays are an essential feature for many business premises, particularly in fast-moving environments where staff, vehicles and deliveries are frequently coming and going.

There is a lot to consider with creating a safe and efficient loading area, and the doors play a key role in this. Even something as simple as how quickly a door opens and closes can have a big impact on day-to-day deliveries.

At NGF, we have a great deal of experience in creating access and egress solutions for a wide range of premises. An existing customer returned to us with a request for a loading bay door, as well as a new personnel access door for the same building.

Sectional Overhead Doors – Ideal for Loading

In a loading bay, vehicles need to park as closely to the bay as possible for ease of loading. A door that swings outwards in any way means that vehicles cannot park up until the door is open, meaning more time is spent waiting around.

A sectional overhead door is constructed from rectangular hinged panels that effectively allow the door to fold upwards without swinging outward – take a look at the photos below to see how it operates. Vision panels are also incorporated into the door, improving safety for staff on both sides.

This is also useful in units where temperature control is important – the doors can be quickly opened and closed while the vehicle is close to the bay, reducing the time that the unit is exposed to the elements.

Matching Personnel Door

Appearance makes all the difference, even in a loading bay – the sectional door was finished in a plastisol Vandyke Brown finish to match the building cladding, and we also provided a secure steel door for pedestrian access to the unit.

With all doors manufactured and installed by NGF, our customer could get their new loading bay sorted quickly and efficiently. If you’d like to discuss a project of your own, please do just get in touch.

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