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Fitting Shutter Doors Without Affecting Productivity

On a busy industrial site, things are regularly repaired and replaced, often on a reactive basis – i.e., when they break!

Often, replacements don’t quite match what was in place originally – whether it’s because of a better deal, a lack of spare parts, or a discontinued line.

It doesn’t seem like too much of a big deal, but it’s one of those things that just builds up – when everything on site works in a slightly different way, training times and the risk of accident or injury goes up, while productivity goes down.

Sometimes a little bit of proactivity is required. We were approached by a nationwide waste management company that had four different types of door from different door companies at different points on their building – they needed one reliable, low maintenance door that could be fitted at all entrances to their main waste hall.

Planning the door fitting schedule

We had to plan the work carefully to make sure their proactive decision didn’t impact productivity – we worked with the client to make sure that deliveries were not affected, with a tightly controlled schedule that ensured safety for our engineers, and no inconvenience for the client while the work was carried out.

Four doors were taken down and four new ones were installed – industrial roller shutters 5100mm wide and 6250mm high, with three-phase GFA industrial drives.

These large shutters, required for vehicle access and egress to the unit, incorporate an anti-fall back device to meet safety regulations, and the doors are powder coated with a dark grey finish.

Ongoing door maintenance

The consistency across all four doors has a number of benefits – including a much more straightforward approach to ongoing maintenance. The doors are designed to be durable and long-lasting, needing minimal upkeep – and safety inspections are much easier to carry out thanks to the same models being used.

Do you have a similar situation at one of your sites? If it’s time to get proactive and finally replace different kinds of doors with a universal, low maintenance shutter, just get in touch.

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