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Insulated Roller Shutter Installation

When storing goods for use in food and drink production, keeping a controlled environment is key. This is particularly true for brewers, of course, where hop quality can make or break a beer!

Doors that maintain insulation

There are many ways that a consistent environment and temperature can be achieved in a building, but the doors and windows can often present problems, causing a break in wall insulation.

We were contracted to install insulated roller shutters for a large brewery to address this problem. Insulated shutters feature weather seals and twin-ribbed curtains, providing an excellent insulation rating compared to a standard shutter.

The brewery required two shutters for their hops store, as well as a steel door for pedestrian access.

Fitting the roller shutter

The insulation cladding to the walls had to be cut back in order for the doors to be installed, so finishing the exposed openings with cladding after the installation was an essential part of the job.

Not only did we need to put everything back in order, we needed to ensure that there’d be no impact on the building’s insulation away from the doors as a result of our works.

Finishing touches

The cladding was finished in red to match the steel door’s coating, which in turn was chosen to match other external doors across the site – it really stands out against the white walls, and we think it looks great!

The shutters themselves also featured several rows of vision panels, allowing for improved natural light inside, as well as additional safety during access or egress.

If you have any questions about insulated shutters, or would like a quote for an installation at your own premises, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’ll be happy to help.

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