High Speed Door Installation

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At a busy commercial site, dozens of people can be coming and going each day. Many of these will be in vehicles, and many of these vehicles will be on tight schedules. When this is the case, every second of every day counts – small delays can build into much, much bigger ones if enough of them accumulate.

This means that everything, even something as simple as opening and closing a door, needs to be optimised to be as efficient as possible. This is where high-speed doors come in – with an opening speed of one metre per second (so a three metre-high door opens in just three seconds, and closes just as quickly) delays are kept to an absolute minimum. Vehicles can drive in and out with minimum waiting time, while the doors can remain closed when not in use.

On-site in Sheffield

We were asked to supply and install two high-speed doors for a busy site in Sheffield. At NGF, we bespoke manufacture all of our doors to our clients’ exact specifications, and handle all aspects of the installation ourselves.

These doors were finished in a blue coating to match the building’s façade, with bright yellow highlights for visibility and safety.

Safety features

Speaking of safety, this is a key concern with high-speed doors – opening and closing so quickly doesn’t leave pedestrians with much time to get out of the way! High speed doors from NGF come with motion censors for safety, and can also include visibility panels – as these ones do – so people on both sides can see what’s coming their way.

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Need a quote for a high-speed door? Just get in touch with NGF today – one of our engineers will be on hand to talk through what you need, and get the whole process started.

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